New and improved album art for a new and improved song

“Crystals” is the second release of future bass producer Jayboi Adams. This song encapsulates a strong fantasy feeling with powerful, wide-open synthesizers and emotional chords. The atmospheres created by the song heavily influenced the 3D render that became the song’s album art. The original version of Crystals was loved by fans, however, the mixing and mastering of the song didn’t adequately convey the emotional message of the music to new listeners. To leave a better impression, a remaster was created. To communicate a significant change in the quality of the song, new album art was created.


Music Production, Mixing and Mastering, Graphic design, Animation


Jayboi Adams

The Design Process

I started this design project by gathering all of the 3D assets that could be useful for making the final render. I usually sketch my ideas before attempting the execution in Blender, however, I knew I wanted this art to be similar to one of my older 3D renders, so I already had a mental starting point. The asset-gathering stage was followed by the blocking out stage, which was then followed by the modeling and texturing stages. After the 3D render was created it was brought into photoshop to add the titles and finishing touches.

Asset Selection and Composition

The remaster of crystals is fundamentally the same as the original song, so my goal was to make this feel like an evolution instead of a do-over. I decided to maintain similarities between the new art and the old by including elements from the old illustration in the 3D render.

Purple Plants in the Sky

The color purple provided me with an opportunity to use real-world plants for the environment design while still creating a fantasy vibe that matched the emotional qualities of the Crystals. The song has an uplifting feel to it, so I decided to place these plants above the clouds on floating islands.

Animated Teaser for Social Media

To generate anticipation for the release, an animation was created that combines motion graphic elements alongside 3D animation playing alongside an audio clip from the newly remastered version of Crystals.
Crystals album cover
Crystals mockup in store