A live event company with a love for techno and house music

Fader Events is a live event electronic music company out of Tampa Bay Florida that specializes in throwing house and techno shows. I was requested to create a simple logo with a black background and white lettering. The word “fader” references the crossfader, a control found on an audio mixer that controls the signal flow of the mixer. The DJ using the mixer can slide the fader left and right to control which audio signal is played through the speakers for the crowd.


Logo Design


Fader Events

The Design Process

I started this design project with research. I talked with the client to get information and better align myself with their vision. After I understood what the client wanted, I did some external research to get a better understanding of the event company landscape. After conducting research, I sketched some designs on paper and later moved them to Illustrator to refine the sketches into rough drafts. I brought these rough drafts to the client and used their feedback to make the final design.


I like to start logo designs by sketching ideas on notebook paper. In this situation, Fader Events knew that they wanted their logo to resemble a crossfader, so I broke down the crossfader into its basic elements and began combining them in different ways.

Digital Drafts and the Design Exploration Document

After sketching a few solid ideas, I turned to Illustrator and began digitizing the sketches and creating rough drafts. Once I had a couple of artboards filled with design ideas, I put the strongest ones into a pdf document I call a "design exploration." The purpose of this document is to explain my thought process to the client. These pictures were clipped from the full 3 page document.

Revisions and The Final Design

After receiving feedback, I applied the requested revisions and placed them into the first revision document. The client was happy with the changes, and the Fader Events combination mark was finalized using the grid in Illustrator.

The Fader Events Logo Design with Mockups

fader events icon
fader business card mockup
fader combo mark tshirt
fader icon tshirt
fader rfid wristband
fader icon iphone case
fader icon usb